a land to discover and to tell with new eyes, in step with the times and with new forms of tourist promotion

Not just Matera...

Unesco World Heritage and European Capital of Culture 2019, but all the small towns of the province or of the most inaccessible areas can unveil small treasures to be searched with enthusiasm, to be amazed as children taken on a trip, to be able to enjoy when they feel like it , because it would take a few minutes of car and maybe even walk to make them the right merit

They are the details

that make the enchantment possible, those that change with the changing of the seasons or simply thanks to the games of sun and clouds during the day, those that you seize when you decide to open your eyes and let the light of the big little things that fill the our territories, without thoughts, without judgments

TripBasilicata project

intends to enclose in an APP supported by all mobile devices, the journey in a land that is a treasure trove of traditions, knowledge, taste and timeless landscapes, through a selection of images, a one-minute video-postcard and a video - account of three, of all the Lucan communes that want to participate). The idea, in short, is to make Basilicata a click away, with a "smart" guide that makes every mobile phone owner a potential tourist

Available to the visitor

not just images but all the useful information to fully understand what a location offers


Photo Gallery

contains in a territorial album all the historical-artistic beauties of each municipality, accompanied by synoptic captions for each shot


Postcard video

it is a sort of mini-spot able to capture the attention of even the laziest internet user in sixty seconds



is dedicated to those who want to know and know more about a specific location


Basilicata has many with whom to paint a perfect business card for his potential guests
We are the ones who must use the right brushes
Trying to look at it with the eyes of one of them is meant to be a way to bring more visitors closer possible to this rich in charm and history

The Added Value

to embellish the story of the Basilicata, within the app, sections dedicated to:

  • Typical recipes of the territory
  • Parties, festivals and celebrations
  • Films shot on the spot
  • Books and publications by local authors
  • Service information useful to the traveler
  • Property for sale

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